General Warranty Terms and Conditions:
  • This warranty claim application form is intendet to be used by all international ONZA Tires distributors. All ONZA Tires distributors are supposed to use this form to apply for any warranty claims, found on ONZA products.
  • The application form summerizes all warranty claims on ONZA products, occuring during a time span of six month. The application form must be submitted digitally to ONZA Tires semiannually.
  • All claims must be documented carefully and inividually. Part of the documentation is a sharp digital picture of the tire's defect/issue and its production code, which is imprinted at the tire's inside (9 digits).
  • ONZA Tires requires additional written data for any claim, as shown in the example below.
  • Incomplete or incorrectly filled in application forms will be sent back to the distributor for revision. Claims, which don't contain the required data will not be handeled/accepted and/or will be rejected.
  • All complete warranty claims will be examined by ONZA Tires. The results of the examination will be reported to the applicant of the claim(s).
  • For all claims, which are considered as warranty, ONZA Tires will issue a credit. The distributor's original purchase price of the product will be credited. The credit(s) will be applied to one of the distributor's next invoices.
  • The defective product(s) must be destructed at the distributor's place.
There will be no warranty coverage for the following:
  •  Normal wear and trear
  • Alteration of the original state of the product
  • Incorrect use, abuse, misuse, negligence, carelessness during installation or missing maintenance.
  • Removing, altering or making the serial code indecipherable.

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